improves people's health and the healthcare system

The ISM research program aims to improve the health of the population, particularly of Francophone communities, through collaborative research programs focused on the needs of patients and participants in health care and services.

Project 9

Améliorer le monde de la santé et la santé du monde 2

Le programme de recherche de l’ISM à comme but d’améliorer la santé de la population, particulièrement des communautés francophones, par des programmes de recherche collaboratifs axés sur les besoins des patients et des participants aux soins et aux services de santé

L’Institut du
Savoir Montfort

Since its creation in 2015, the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) has established itself as a Canadian leader in francophone research and education. Its unique model, based on the collaboration between researchers and teachers, facilitates the creation and transmission of knowledge. The ultimate goal: to improve the world of healthcare and the healthcare for the world.

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Institut du Savoir Montfort, the Knowledge Institute, is a privileged environment to discover, learn and progress for the benefit of a healthy Canadian Francophonie and ultimately all Canadians.


We are proud to present ourselves as a pillar in the mobilization and enhancement of knowledge for the benefit of the health of French-speaking Canadian communities. Together, we develop tailored and proven approaches to improve the performance of professionals, practices and systems.