Board members

The Board of Directors of Institut du Savoir Montfort is composed of the following members for the year 2021-2022

Elected directors

  • Mr. Michel Rodrigue, President
  • Mrs. Céline Monette, Outgoing President
  • Mrs. Nancy Rhéaume, Vice-President
  • Mr. Ghislain Sangwa-Lugoma, Trustee
  • Mr. Jean-Philippe Caron, Trustee
  • Mrs. Marlène Lefebvre, Trustee
  • Dr. Marc Carrier, Trustee
  • Ms. Anick Losier, Trustee
  • Dr. Geneviève Moineau, Trustee
  • Mrs. Estelle Ethier, Trustee

Ex-officio directors

  • Dr. Bernard Leduc, President and CEO, Hôpital Montfort
  • Josette-Renée Landry, PhD, Chief Executive Officer – ISM
  • Dr. William Hogg, Associate Vice President Research and Scientific Director – ISM
  • Mrs. Chantale Lessard, Director of Education – ISM

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