First recognized as the “Direction des affaires universitaires” (DAU), our department is now a recognized niche of excellence within the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM). Our commitment to the continuing education of healthcare professionals in a francophone environment is truly close to our heart. Beyond the development of existing knowledge, we recognize the relevance of integrating interns into our clinical activities. For this reason, we offer training and research opportunities covering a vast array of health disorders (mental and physical). In this way, we prepare interns to fulfill the contemporary mission of their profession and to pursue their future careers in the Canadian health care system.

Whether we are talking about education in a clinical or professional setting, the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) is able to find and create a customized internship thanks to its “Guichet Unique”. This tool facilitates and accelerates the internship process for students in any field.

The Education niche of the ISM welcomes you!

Here, we are focusing on two groups of specialists to improve the health of Ontarians, particularly in Francophone communities. One is dedicated to teaching, the other to continuous professional development. But what’s the difference you ask ? Good question! When we say teaching, we are talking about the offer of internships, in healthcare or administrative positions; we simply say externship for doctors. So logically, we are talking about students. When we say continuous professional development, we are talking about professional development activities. Therefore, professionals who are already working in the field.

So two groups, within the same team, with a common denominator, the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and skills to give life to knowledge!

Enjoy your visit!

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