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You are a researcher and wish to integrate patient partners in your research team?

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If you are looking for French-speaking patient partners to join your research team, please provide the following information. Please note that this information will be shared with potential patients for matching purposes, i.e. to find the patient who best meets your selection criteria.

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ARC collaborative approach training

Learning objectives

  • Identify the characteristics of ARC in healthcare.
  • Recognize your role and responsibilities as a member of a research team using ARC.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of ARC team members.
  • Summarize the benefits and challenges of ARC.
  • Distinguish between the different types of collaboration used within ARC.


In order to improve the health research process and optimize its impact on patient and population health, the collaborative research approach (“ARC”) is a priority. This approach advocates bringing together actors or stakeholders interested in the same issue, around the different aspects of a study. ARC involves partners from a variety of fields working together on a common project.

ARC training modules are developed in line with the principles of collaborative research.
Each module consists of 2 capsules only avalaible in french

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