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Who are we?

The Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU) is a network of research centers that engages researchers, patients and other partners in patient-oriented research to improve the health of Ontarians and the health care system.

The Ontario Francophone Communities Research Initiative (OFCI), also known as IF-COFFRE (for Initiative Francophone-Communautés Ontariennes Francophones Facilitant la Recherche Equitable) is one of three OSSU initiatives providing cross-cutting expertise on the following priority areas from an equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) perspective: First Nations and Other Indigenous (Métis and Inuit), Francophone, and Sex and Gender.

What do we do ?

To achieve its objectives, IF-COFFRE offers the following services:

  1. We provide one-on-one support as an advisory service for OSSU members, other SPOR entities and those receiving CIHR funding on how to incorporate language variables into your project.
  2. We act as a broker by connecting patient partners with research teams seeking to include francophone perspectives.
  3. We can ensure that your results that include Ontario Francophones are available to a wider audience; this may include validation of French language training modules, data collection tools or frameworks and also working with authors to develop evidence summaries using existing research documents.

Our members

IF-COFFRE is housed at Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM) and is composed of an ISM management team and members at large forming an advisory committee.

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