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Clinical trials are conducted on humans to develop new drugs, new treatment strategies and new diagnostic techniques. The goal: improve the health of patients and their quality of life.

The Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM), can count on Montfort, one of the few academic hospitals that benefits from an infrastructure and a team that can facilitate clinical research within its establishment. As a result, the ISM and Montfort offer both patients and healthcare professionals the opportunity to participate in clinical research. They aim to:

  • provide advanced specialized medical services to patients and provide them with advanced multidisciplinary care;
  • facilitate the transfer and application of basic research knowledge to improve the quality of patient care.

Begin a Clinical Trial
at the ISM and Montfort

The ISM provides the multiple services that are necessary to the realisation of a clinical trail at Montfort. For more information, please contact the research team.

Participate in a clinical trial

Thank you for your interest in clinical research. To participate in a clinical trial, please see the list of our current clinical trials below. To submit your application, click on the trial of your choice.

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