About us

The Research Ethics Board (REB) evaluates all research projects conducted ​​within the Hôpital Montfort organization and infrastructure, of its affiliated sites, or involving its clientele. The REB is an independent institutional committee of the Board of Directors of Hôpital Montfort and its operation is free from any influence or authority exercised by the administrative and decision-making structures that govern the clinical and research activities of Hôpital Montfort.

The primary mandate of the committee is to evaluate and promote research projects that respect and protect the human dignity of participants, while contributing to scientific progress. The ethical evaluation is to ensure that any research undertaken at the hospital meets the minimum standard established and recognized by the Tri-Council Policy Statement(TCPS 2 2018). The acquisition and the advancement of knowledge require the participation of people whether for interviews, consultation of personal data, medical examinations, questionnaires or observational studies in their communities. The contribution of research participants becomes crucial to the mission of education and research of the Hôpital Montfort. In return, the REB shall ensure the protection of participants and their rights.

The Research Ethics Office (REO) and its administrative team are there to support the REB operations, more specifically writing the decision for each project evaluated in full board meetings and delegated reviews as well as for the ongoing evaluations of projects being conducted at the Hôpital Montfort. The REO ensures that research on humans is conducted in compliance with the various guidelines, regulations and laws as well as other documents framing these activities. The Office also has a role in providing an interpretation of ethical principles or of administrative processes, to educate and to support the investigators in submitting their project to the REB. We strongly suggest that you use the resources we have available for you.