As a research institute, our mission at the ISM is to improve the health of the population, particularly the Francophone communities. Our collaborative research programs focus on the needs of patients and participants in care, and on health services, such as families, caregivers, health professionals, administrators and political players.

More specifically, we are the national reference for research on the organization of health services, as well as the prevention, detection and treatment of physical and mental comorbidities. For us, health must be considered in all its aspects: physical, mental and social well-being.

The Research niche of the ISM welcomes you!

Here, we focus on collaborative research to improve the health of Ontarians, particularly in Francophone communities. This basically means involving patients, their families, caregivers, administrators, planners, healthcare professionals, and many others in our research projects. From now on, research is a team effort!

In fact, our academic and clinical research members can count on our support for the preparation of grants and submissions to the Research Ethics Board. The research office manages their contracts, facilitates the coordination of their projects and organizes scientific activities to promote their research. We aspire to become the national reference in research on the organization of services, prevention, screening and treatment of physical and mental comorbidities. Here, we give life to knowledge.

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