Our Platforms

Platforms of expertise serving Ontario’s Francophones

Since 2015, ISM has invested in the creation of the following five platforms:

  • Information and data platform on the health of Francophones, healthcare human resources and healthcare services;
  • Platform for a collaborative research approach centred on patients and participants in healthcare and services;
  • Clinical research platform for supervising randomized studies both in hospitals and in the community;
  • Training expertise platform to transfer and mobilize knowledge among health network stakeholders;
  • Healthcare Technologies Platform to improve the management and self-management of patients with multi-morbidities;

Our five research platforms contribute to the success of our mission: to improve the health of the population, and particularly of Francophone communities, by conducting collaborative research programs that focus on the needs of patients and participants in healthcare services (families, caregivers, healthcare professionals, administrators and political actors).

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