Hugues Loemba, MD, PhD


Dr Hugues Loemba is a clinician-researcher, family doctor and virologist. He is also an Associate Professor in medicine, affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

He is a member of Hôpital Montfort’s medical staff at and practices in HIV-AIDS medicine for the University of Ottawa’s health services. Dr Loemba is also responsible for the analysis of antiviral therapeutic submissions, including the marketing of anti-HIV-AIDS molecules for Health Canada.

Dr Loemba obtained his PhD in Experimental medicine from McGill University. He obtained his MD in general medicine from the Kiev Institute of Medicine in Ukraine and obtained his Masters in Virology and immunology from INRS–Institut Armand-Frappier Research Centre, Laval, Québec.

He has published on a plethora of research projects on the topics of antiretroviral resistance, diversity of HIV strains, genotypic features of HIV-1 subtype C ,Clinical characteristics of co-infectious Tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS as well as the other co-morbidities associated with HIV infection.

Research interests

  • Virology, immunology
  • Mental Health/ HIV/AIDS-associated neurocognitive disorders
  • Lipid Disorders in HIV-Infected Patients
  • Co-morbidities associated with HIV infection and Primary Health Care
  • Epidemiologic aspects



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Hôpital Montfort
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Hôpital Montfort

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